Our portfolio includes the two hundred and twenty-two (222) Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Immigration Procedures and Visas from the United States, the European Union, Canada and Australia. There are two hundred and twenty-two legal figures, called Immigration Procedures for Immigrant Visas and Nonimmigrant Visas. Immigrant Procedures or Visas are to establish residence in the desired country and then eventually become a citizen of that country. Nonimmigrant Procedures or Visas are to establish a temporary time in the country to which you plan to travel.

Antero Germán Ramirez

We have more than nineteen (19) years of experience in the execution of Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Immigrant Procedures and Visas of the United States and the European Union. Our experience has led us to lead with all these Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visa procedures in the different American Embassies around the world and in other nations, as well as with the Immigration Departments of the United States of the different cities of the United States. different Federated States Ú.SCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigraon Services), Naonal Visa Center, Labor Department, Cortes. etc. As also with the different Departments of Immigration of the Nations integrated by the European Union.

If the desire of a legal or natural person, is to establish a company in the United States or in any of the European Nations, work, study a pre-graduate or post-graduate, a master’s degree or a PHD. Carry out a procedure of action of petition of citizen or permanent resident on foreign relative. Action of petition of foreign fiance on foreign fiance or simply to go on vacation to the United States or some country of the European Union; Count on us to provide advice on legal procedures and visas to meet those goals or dreams for your company or your family.

We provide services to both Legal Persons and Natural Persons, covering the following areas of law:


In commercial, civil, family, administrative, labor, criminal, canonical, oil and immigration aspects to the United States and the European Union.


In the Bonding in Foreign Investment and Exchange Operations.


Of Companies and / or Legal Persons and Natural Persons.


Demands in the different areas of law


In the different judicial instances

  • Extrajudicial Conciliation Organizations
  • Courts
  • Judged
  • Supreme Court of Justice
  • Attorney General's Office
  • Control Bodies (Office of the Prosecutor, Comptroller, etc.)